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Teacher: You may listen to your music quietly



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Postcards by Franz Marc, 1913. Source.

Two Foxes – to Albert Bloch in Munich, 4 February 1913
Two Sheep, to Wassily Kandinsky in Murnau, 1 May 1913.
Two Lying Black Cats, to Erich Heckel without date and postmark.
The Tower of Blue Horses, to Else Lasker-Schüler in Berlin, end of December 1912/early January 1913.
Black Cow Behind a Tree, postcard written by Maria Marc (Franz Marc’ wife) from Sindelsdorf to Elisabeth Macke (August Macke’s wife) in Bonn, 21 May 1913.
Three Horses in Landscape with Houses, to Paul Klee in Munich, 8 November 1913.
Two Cats, to Lily Klee in Munich, 6 March 1913.
Four Foxes, to Wassily Kandinsky in Munich, 4 February 1913.

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Jerk snags baseball from kid. [previously/video]

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