Astonishing X-Men by Kaare Andrews

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Negative space Spider-Woman and the superhero formerly known as Ms. Marvel.

By johntylerchristopher.

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Marvel Comics’ Gay Young Avengers Share First Kiss
By Kevin Farrell

Marvel Comics’ characters Wiccan and Hulking have finally kissed within the pages of the publisher’s Young Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #9 .

The characters originally made their debut in 2005′s Young Avengers #1 masquerading as the teen sidekicks of established heroes Thor and Hulk.

The two teen boys have been in a monogamous relationship since their debut, but under superstar writer Allan Heinberg (The OC, Grey’s Anatomy) managed to avoid on-panel smooching until this week, without anyone really seeming to notice that a smooch had yet to happen. All of this is testament to the gay writer’s skill and dedication to fleshing out two of Marvel’s most headline-grabbing characters.

Hot on the heels of Archie Comics’ Kevin Keller’s same-sex, interracial military wedding, the Young Avengers kiss marks another hit in a string of gay comics milestones. 

\o/ Marvel is the best!

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Doctor Strange // Cinar

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Uncanny X-Force 5.1 // Simone Bianchi


Magneto Kotobukiya Fine Art Statue

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Spider-Man Noir - by Joey Vazquez

Happy family

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by Alex Garner

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